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1000W PTC Ceramic Heating Portable Indoor Home Electric Heater Fan Office Heater Vertical Small Desktop Heater

1000W PTC Ceramic Heating Portable Indoor Home Electric Heater Fan Office Heater Vertical Small Desktop Heater

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This is a small heating machine, with a novel shape and practical functions.

Efficient Heating: Our space heater is designed to provide efficient and rapid heating, ensuring you stay warm and cozy during the colder months. With advanced heating technology, it quickly warms up your space, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable environment without the need to wait for extended periods.

Safety First: Your safety is our top priority. This space heater comes equipped with multiple safety features, including overheat protection and a tip-over switch. You can rest easy knowing that in the event of any unforeseen accidents, the heater will automatically shut off, preventing any potential hazards.

Quiet Operation: Unlike traditional heaters that can be noisy and disruptive, our space heater operates silently, allowing you to work, relax, or sleep without any disturbances. Whether in your bedroom, office, or living room, it ensures a peaceful atmosphere while efficiently maintaining your desired temperature.

Upgrade your comfort with our state-of-the-art space heater. Experience fast, safe, and quiet heating, and enjoy a warm and cozy living space even on the chilliest days.

Note: Please check the packaging and product integrity before use, please read the instructions before use, and confirm whether the product is placed properly, pay attention to the safety of electricity. If you find that it does not work, please refer to the manual to check whether it is plugged in, whether it is tipped, and whether the switch is turned on.


Heater: PTC ceramic heating

Material: ABS + flame retardant Nylon + spray paint

Power: 1000W

Single weight: 0.75kg

European voltage: 220~240V

Configuration:Double fan out of the wind / dumping power / fuse protection

Color: Blue/White


1. Ping the heater, do not dump or tilt.

2. Connect the power plug to the power supply.

3. Open the switch to operate automatically, mainly do not have an object to block the outlets and air inlets.

4. Press the switch or file adjustment button again to adjust the wind and heat. If not used, please turn off the switch and pull out the power.

Notice: During operation, please do not touch the air outlet and do not tilt the main unit during operation.

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