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Car Engine Oil Pan Sump Tank Heater Pad

Car Engine Oil Pan Sump Tank Heater Pad

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110V 220V Oil Engine Tank Mat Plate 15x20cm 300W Hydraulic Tank Heating Plate Mat Flexible Waterproof Engine Oil Tank Heater Pad

1. Efficient Heat Transfer: The silicone heater pad is primarily composed of nickel-chromium alloy heating wire and high-temperature insulation cloth made of silicone rubber. Its thin and lightweight design allows it to be flexible and conform closely to the heated object, enabling efficient heat transfer to any desired location. This improves heat transfer during processing, accelerates heating, and reduces energy consumption.
2. Waterproof and Fast Heating: The wire heater has excellent waterproof performance and quickly reaches operating temperature. Its uniform temperature distribution ensures efficient and consistent heat transfer throughout the surface, resulting in high thermal efficiency. Its hardness ensures durability even in demanding applications.
3. High Insulation Performance: The insulation layer of the hydraulic tank heating plate mat is made of silicone rubber and glass fiber cloth, providing high insulation performance. It has a breakdown voltage of 20-50 kV/mm, ensuring safe operation. The double-sided adhesive on the back allows direct attachment to the product being heated, with maximum resistance up to 200°C without detachment.
4. Easy Installation: The square flat heater can be easily attached to smooth workpieces using pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. The highest working temperature for the pressure-sensitive adhesive is 150°C (continuous) and 230°C (immediate). When the power density does not exceed 0.9 W/cm², it ensures secure and reliable installation.
5. Versatile and Durable: The oil engine tank mat plate operates within a continuous working temperature below 240°C and instantaneous temperature below 300°C. It can withstand pressure when equipped with an auxiliary pressure plate, displaying excellent thermal conductivity. With a current density of up to 3 W/cm² at a working zone temperature not exceeding 240°C, it provides reliable heating performance. Under adhesive installation conditions, it allows working temperatures below 150°C. In non-continuous operation, the power density can reach 1.4 W/cm². Choose the working voltage based on the principle of high power-high voltage or low power-low voltage, ensuring suitability for various applications.

Origin: Mainland China
Product Size: 200.00x150.00x10.00mm/7.87x5.91x0.39inch
Material: silicone and alloy
Plug: EU/US Plug
Voltage(optional): 110V(US plug)/220V(EU plug)
Power: 300W

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
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