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Moisturizing Paraffin Bath Solid Wax Block

Moisturizing Paraffin Bath Solid Wax Block

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The weight of wax is 350g!
Wax Bath Refills
Made for use in any paraffin warmer bath with exceptional melting characteristics, moistness and non-adherent texture for temporary relief from minor pain and skin softening
Engage your senses with paraffin wax refill blocks to help treat joint pain in the hands and feet and promote softer, smoother skin
Each 350g solid block is individually sealed in a poly bag for convenient storage of supplies and accounting. Refined, distilled, purified and filter pressed for optimal elasticity and full hydration with minimal application
Product description
1.Place the device on a flat desk, open the cap, pour the grains of wax into the wax container.
2.Connect to power sources and turn on the power switch, the red light will come on when it starts to operate.
3. Turn the temperature control knob and set the knob to "Hi" until the wax reaches a liquid consistency, this process takes about 15 minutes. For faster heating, please place the lid.
4.When wax is good, turn off the power, remove the bobbin, using the wax can holder while the tealight is still hot.
5.Turn the stove by turning the dial all the way counterclockwise from time to time, cover the stove with the transparent cover to prevent dust.
6.Use spatulas to apply the wax on the necessary parts of the body, after cooling, pull the wax quickly in the direction of hair growth.
7. Clean your skin and moisturize it.
Do not place the machine in water or liquid, place in dry areas.
Do not use if the cord or plug is damaged.
Do not use if it does not work properly.
Always use the machine on a flat surface.
Test the temperature of the wax by placing a small amount inside the wrist before using it.

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