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Aroma Electric Wax Melt Incense Burner 3D Sepak Takraw Aroma Lamp Essential Oil Burner Light Aromatherapy Diffuser Wax Warmer.

Aroma Electric Wax Melt Incense Burner 3D Sepak Takraw Aroma Lamp Essential Oil Burner Light Aromatherapy Diffuser Wax Warmer.

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Bullet Points:
1、Exquisite and Elegant : This electricis very elegant and beautiful. It is a charming glow which can make your kitchen or living room brighter and livelier. It is so cute and lovable and definitely suits to be put in your office or your house.
2、Adjustable and Convenient : This wax burner can be used to melt any kind of scented wax you want and it comes with a light control. The light it produces can get lighter or darker. You can adjust the light to the degree that you want. It is very convenient.
3、Stable and Durable : This wax burner is very durable. It can provide a very stable temperature which is used to melt the wax you use and when the wax is being melted, there will be no flames or ashes. You can take the rest wax out of its dish after the wax gets cold and it will be very easy for you to clean the dish. Very convenient.
4、Safe Light Source : This wax burner comes with a bulb which is the source of light and the hotness that is used to melt wax. It can melt wax after the bulb is electrically connected. And you should feel safe to use this bulb since it has been tested and examined carefully.
5、Various Usage : This wax burner is very practical and useful. You can use it to melt wax and create an aroma atmosphere. You can also regard it as a simple lamp when the dish is taken away. Besides, it can be a simple decoration for your house. That is pretty practical and useful wax burner.
Description :
# Electric#
The reasons that why you should choose thisare
1. It has the cutest and pretty appearance which you will like.
2. It has an adjustable light control switch through which you can adjust the light according to your need.
3. It is safe and secure and you should feel assured to use it.
4. It wil not produce any flames when melting the wax.
5. It does not include any wax so that you can put any kind of scented wax as you want.
6. It is more than a wax burner. It can also be used simply as a lamp or a decoration to your house since it is so pretty.

You really deserve to have it!!!!
Specifications :
Name : Elegant Electric Wax Burner
Function : Adjustable Light Control Switch
Cable Length : About 59.06 Inch
Light Bulb : 35W
Sepak Takraw Diameter : About 5.91 Inch
Packing List :
Elegant Electric Wax Burner *1 ( No wax is included )

Note :
1. The lampshade of this wax burner is handmade so that the color might be a little different due to different monitors.
2. There is no wax included in this package. You should prepare the wax yourself.
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