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Cassette 600 Log Set Version Water Vapor Electric Fireplace with Wood Burning Sound.

Cassette 600 Log Set Version Water Vapor Electric Fireplace with Wood Burning Sound.

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Model No.: ML17008X-1
Dimensions: 66.6 x 23.9 x 18.6cm
Rated Voltage: 230V 50Hz / 120V 60Hz
Rated Power: 210W
Light Source: Halogen Bulb 35Wx6
Tank Volume: 1.6L
Working Hour: 6~10 Hour by Full Tank
Remote Control: Included
Sound: Wood Burning Sound (on/off)


This product can be built into a wall, surround or structure. Please take note of the product dimensions and build your wall, surround or structure accordingly. You are required to leave a minimum of 400mm from the base of the fuel bed to any shelf/enclosure above the product. This will allow enough space above the product to allow the flames to form fully and not to be obstructed.
This product needs free ventilation from underneath to operate correctly. The free ventilation helps keep the electronic components cool, allow the the mist to evacuate the sump and lift out of the product.
You can design a cavity for the appliance. Be sure to allow room under and around the appliance for water connection(for specific models only) and the electrical connection.
Please operate according to the installation drawings provided by our sales staff.


Steam fireplace create an illusion of flame and smoke without any harm to your health. The newest technology manages to create an extremely realistic flame look without the presence of a real fire. Flame Imitation is created by halogen lights and water vapor. These fireplaces run on electricity and regular tap water.


Hand crafted logs and steam flame effect create the ambiance your home deserves.
Our hand painted log sets with glowing ember bed are so realistic that they look like a natural wood burning fire.

Adjustable Flame Effect

3D flame effect technology offers a layered flame effect to create a realistic fire. Push the flame control buttons on control panel or remote controller to get your desired flame effect.

Custom Fireplace Design & Manufacturing

Build your own custom fireplace!
We offer custom and standard sizes fireplaces.
If you want to build a custom electric fireplace, please feel free to contact with us.

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