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Waxing Strips

Waxing Strips

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Convenient Waxing Strips Convenient And Precise Hair Removal Temperate Quick Removal Depilatory Easy To Use Non-woven Fabric


【Professional hair removal waxing strips】Effectively remove leg hairs with these non-woven fabric waxing papers.

【100pcs Professional Hair Removal Waxing Strips】Convenient and precise depilatory beauty tool for leg hairs removal.

【Non-woven fabric waxing papers for leg hairs removal】High quality and durable hair removal strips that are easy to use and quick.

【Versatile and gentle hair removal tool】Professional waxing strips for effective and gentle leg hair removal.

【Effortlessly remove leg hairs】Top-rated and bestselling waxing strips for precise and convenient hair removal.

Package Included:

100Pcs*Wax Strip


80Pcs*Wax Strip


50Pcs*Wax Strip


30Pcs*Wax Strip


10Pcs*Wax Strip

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