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Winter Window Insulation Film, Self-Adhesive, Indoor, Bedroom, Wind-Proof, Soft Glass Film Curtains, Living Room.

Winter Window Insulation Film, Self-Adhesive, Indoor, Bedroom, Wind-Proof, Soft Glass Film Curtains, Living Room.

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Attention Please!!!

◆ The size of the insulation film needs to be greater than or equal to the outer size of the window frame to ensure sufficient space for installing Velcro
◆ If Velcro is pasted on the window frame, the diameter of the four sides of the window frame should be greater than 2CM, and the window frame should be on the same plane.
◆ For windows without window frames, please consider whether Velcro can be attached to the wall near the window
◆ The pasting position must be clean, dry, flat, smooth, without peeling, dust, or paint.
◆ If the window frame does not have enough space, or if the surface is rusty, rough, or uneven, or if there is heavy moisture in the restroom, it is not recommended to use this product
◆ Velcro can be applied to ceramic tiles, marble, glass, and smooth surfaces, but when the weather is humid, the adhesive on the back of the Velcro is prone to peeling off.
◆ The product is suitable for window frames/frames made of aluminum alloy, plastic steel, stainless steel, iron, wood, ceramic tiles, white wall marble, etc
◆ The larger the size of the product, the better, as the size can be cut. Please try to choose a fixed size close to the outer size of the window frame for cutting
◆ Due to manual cutting, there is a 1-2CM error between the size of the customized product and the size you requested. Please do not mind

How To Measure The Size!!!

① For windows with window frames, please directly measure the outer dimension of the window frame as the product size

② For windows without window frames, the product size needs to be increased by 10CM on top of the window cave size

Welcome To Contact Us For Customize

If you need other size,please contact us.

Information For Customize
* Length
* Width
* Quantity
* Velcro Color
* Other requirements

Product Details

-Name:DIY Window Insulation Film
-Film Material:PEVA
-Film Thickness:0.15mm
-Film Color:High Transparency
-Velcro Color:White/Black
-VELCRO Width:2cm
-Customizable/Wholesale/Drop Shipping Etc...

Package Included

-Soft Film*1pcs

Product Features

◆ Thickened environmentally friendly PEVA material, soft, high-definition, transparent, strong low-temperature resistance, sturdy and durable
◆ Back adhesive Velcro, no drilling, firmly attached without falling off, easy to disassemble, reusable, and does not damage the window frame
◆ The clear film is waterproof and oil resistant, based on the principle of biomimetic lotus leaves,dripping water into beads, easy to clean
◆ Self made style with two Velcro colors to choose from. Choose the appropriate color according to the wall color
◆ DIY cutting is the most suitable for your size, avoiding the invasion of cold air and bringing a warmer home experience
◆ Effectively block outdoor cold air, suppress indoor temperature drop, and achieve a 24-hour wind protection rate of up to 99%

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