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Easyworkz Diego Stovetop Espresso Maker Stainless Steel Italian Coffee Machine Maker 4-Cup 6.8 oz Induction Moka Pot

Easyworkz Diego Stovetop Espresso Maker Stainless Steel Italian Coffee Machine Maker 4-Cup 6.8 oz Induction Moka Pot

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Easyworkz has created this high grade stovetop espresso maker with modern manufacturing technology and crafted to meet the top standards in this industry.

Featuring a heavy gauge 18/8 stainless steel construction with high mirror polishing,induction base and fit for all stove tops.

t is our Diego Coffeemaker! Fresh espresso,classically brewed in a nice and elegant espresso maker.

Our Diego espresso maker has an elegant classy design and will be your lifetime moka pot.

Enjoy your coffee and have fun everyday with Our Diego coffeemaker.

Dishwasher safe - Easy to brew and clean stovetop espresso moka coffee pot


**For safety, there will be residual water in the boiler to prevent over burning**

-If you wish to make less espresso, fit the boiler half way to the safety valve with water and insert the reducer into the funnel. Add your ground coffee on the top of the reducer.

-Allow the moka pot to cool down before open it to wash.

-For the best results,always wash your espresso maker by hand.

-For the best tasting, brew with Fine grinding coffee and filtered water.


Elegant and timeless design of stainless steel.

Suitable for induction

Suitable for all common types of cookers,like induction, gas, Ceramic and electric cooktop.


Made of stainless steel with Italian Safety valve.

Easy to clean

Easy to disassemble and install.Wash under running water and dishwasher safe.

Step 1,Fill with water

Unscrew the water container and fill cold water into it and not up to the MAX line.

Step 2,Add coffee powder

Fill the funnel with the ground coffee powder,smoothen the level gently and place it on the water container.Then screw the upper and lower parts together tightly.

Step 3,Making coffee

Place the espresso maker on a source of heat.Boil the coffee over medium to high heat so it doesn't burn and taste bitter.

Step 4,Enjoy your coffee

Take the pot straight off the stove as soon as the coffee continues to pour into the upper part.Pour your freshly brewed espresso coffee into a cup and enjoy it.

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