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Mosquito Window Net Insect Mesh Sheer Curtain Fly Screen Door Protector

Mosquito Window Net Insect Mesh Sheer Curtain Fly Screen Door Protector

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product description:

--Suitable for all kinds of doors and windows, high density can prevent mosquitoes, the overall appearance is beautiful, simple and generous, does not affect the overall decoration style, can be used as a common anti-mosquito product in summer

--Support environmental protection. Anti-mosquitoes should start with mosquito control, and build a cool protection net to keep family members away from mosquito troubles, sleep peacefully, and be more environmentally friendly

- DIY anti-mosquito screen/equipped with , easy to apply and can be removed and washed at will, when you need to clean, you only need to take off the mosquito net from the (hook and loop) directly, and open the corner of the screen when you need to open the window That's it, it's very convenient to install and use

--Mosquito nets allow air to enter, but mosquitoes, flies, wasps, bees, etc. cannot enter the air, ideal for protecting babies from mosquitoes

Product packaging

Dimensions: Length 1.5m, width 1. , length 5.5m

Material: Polyester Viscose


Features of the product:

1. DIY self-adhesive anti-mosquito screens, no need for workers to come and install

2. Sanitary and convenient, economical and durable

3. Clear and convenient, easy to store

4. High tightness and good decoration

Simple installation steps: please wipe the window frame clean; put the on it neatly; slightly tighten the mesh and press on the , use a knife to cut off the excess part

Applicable places: entrance, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room, office

Package Included:
1*Screen mesh

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