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DC 12V Air Purifier Ionizer Cleaner Generator

DC 12V Air Purifier Ionizer Cleaner Generator

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Material: ABS+Silicone Line
Color: Black

Working Principle:
By using pulses and vibration of electric Appliances,Rise the original low voltage to for Dc high negative pressure. Making Use of for Dc high voltage of carbon brush tip to produce high corona, emiting large amounts of electronic at a high speed. Electronics can not remain in the air for a long for , therefore,after reacting with oxygen molecules in the air , negative ions will form.


Working Voltage: for Dc 12V
Output Voltage: DC-3.5KV-0.5KV
Input Current: =40mΩ
Dielectric intensity:Source wire 3000V 50Hz 5mA
Operating temperature: -10-50℃
Storage temperature:-20-50℃
Anion quantity:15million Pcs/cm3 at distance of 10cm
Power Wires: Red(Positive electrode),Black(Negative electrode)

Power Cable Length: 150mm
White High-tension Line Length: 150mm

1.Do not insert Metal and other conductive material into the negative ion emission port
2.Do not use in explosive environments
3.Do not use in wet or raining environment
4.Far away from to prevent settling dust
5.Product in a dry environment tends to produce static electricity around, please keep a distance of more than 50CM at least with the conductor in order to avoid interference
6.As to the two carbon brush for head, do not for Touch each other to affect releasing of negative ions
7.Please place it in the those places that children can not
8.Dust will descend to the ground when use the product, please pay attention to cleaning

Package Included:
1x Negative Ion Generator

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