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Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothing

Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothing

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Handheld Electric Ironer Small Portable Home Ironing Machine Flat Ironing and Garment Ironing for All Seasons Clothing


1.Our ironing machine is equipped with an extra large ironing panel, which can iron clothes quickly and evenly, making clothes smooth and as new quickly without causing any damage to clothes.

2.The 100ml large-capacity visual water tank allows you to easily iron 2-3 pieces of heavy winter clothing or 4-5 pieces of light summer clothing by filling it with water at one time. There is no need to refill water frequently, saving time and effort.

3.Whether it's cotton, silk, linen or synthetic fibers, our ironing machines can handle it with ease. Whether it's your everyday clothes or a precious gown, our ironing machines will give you a new look.

4.Dual modes of hanging ironing & flat ironing: The hanging ironing mode is suitable for all kinds of hanging clothes, which can be ironed directly without taking them off; the flat ironing mode is suitable for clothes that need to be laid flat on the table for ironing, making your ironing process smoother. More convenient and efficient.

Product Parameters:

color: White

Rated power: 80W

European rated voltage: 220V 50Hz

Water tank capacity: 100ML

European standard cable length: about 1.32M

Host net weight: 352g

Host size: handle 17*10cm high* base plate at its widest point 11cm and its longest point 10.5cm

Packing size: 24*12.5*11cm

Packing List:

1*white electric iron-EU

1*Instructions in Chinese and English

1*50ml measuring cup

1*Silicone insulation pad


After using this product, please place it on the silicone contact surface of the insulated base plate.

[Clothing fibers and comfort methods]

1. Heat-sensitive fabrics such as silk, synthetic fibers (such as acrylic, viscose, nylon and polyester fibers) should be ironed on top of the cloth to avoid deformation or damage.

2. When ironing blended clothing, the temperature should be selected based on fibers with poor heat resistance.

3. When ironing clothes made of different fabrics, iron clothes with poor heat resistance first.

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