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Desktop PTC Heater Portable Mini Electric Hand Leg Feet Warmer

Desktop PTC Heater Portable Mini Electric Hand Leg Feet Warmer

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Hot Selling desktop PTC Heater Portable Mini electric hand leg feet warmer warm air blower fan heater


Product material:ABS plastic and iron

Product size:16*14.8*14.8cm

Product power:800W

Product voltage:220V


Heating element:PTC ceramic heating

Overheating protection:Yes

User Instructions

1. Put the heater vertically in a stable place, pay attention to the heater to stay away from the humid environment and flammable materials.

2. Then find the plug of the heater and plug it into the socket, and then turn on the power.

3. Set the temperature control switch to the highest temperature first and let the heater run at full power first.

4. Adjust the gear power switch to the desired power gear, and the heater will run according to the set power.

5. The body is made of imported ABS flame retardant materials, so you can rest assured that the use. The product uses high-quality heating ceramic piece, heating up quickly and evenly heated.The air duct is carefully designed to reduce the noise during operation, suitable for sleep use.

6. The product has overheat protection and dumping protection. High heating efficiency, long life and no open flame. When the product works, the air is heated and the hot air is blown out by the fan to produce heat. It adopts high efficiency convection air inlet method to produce a large amount of heat quickly within 3 seconds.


Do not stack flammable and explosive items around the electric heater, and products can not be placed on flammable materials such as carpets and plastic mats.

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