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Intelligent Touchless Soap Dispenser

Intelligent Touchless Soap Dispenser

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【Touchless & Automatic】 Upgraded sensor has 2.4 inch sensing distance and higher sensitivity, in 0.25s rapid foaming without touching, brings a touchless security and deep cleaning to you. Perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, coffee bar, hotel, hospital, ect...

【Large Capacity】This foam soap dispenser has a capacity of 300ML/10.2oz, and it can be used by a family of 3 members for more than 60 days after being filled with liquid. You don't need to add foam liquids frequently.

【USB charging design】 The hands-free soap dispenser has a built-in durable large-capacity lithium battery, which can be charged by connecting to power supply, computer, or using 5V charger. After charging for about 2.5 hours, press the button for 2 second to turn it on, convenient and fast.

【Adjustable Foam Volume】It can control the foam volume to 3 grades:High(1.8g)/Mid(1.0g)/Low(0.6g). Quick click power button to switch soap volume;Different color indicator lights indicate different soap volume:White(High),Blue(Mid),Green(Low),very suitable for children and adults without waste.


* Name: Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

* Color: White

* Size: 70*98*219mm

* Power Supply: USB Charging (About 2.5Hours)

* Charging Voltage: DC5V=0.8A (important)

* Capacity: 300ML/10.2oz

Packing List: (standard)

1 x Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

What soap should you use?

You could use both foam soap and liquid soap with our soap dispenser.

Use foam soap directly or dilute liquid soap with 4 times water, you could get perfect foam.

Besides you could use shampoo, face cleaner, dish detergent, don't forget to dilute it with water, and do not use those detergent with solid particles, or it will block this soap dispenser.

If you have problems to make perfect foam, please feel free to contact the seller Alina VICKY for help.


DO take out the hand soap, refilling water and get water out for 10 times to avoid blockage caused by drying hand soap in the pipe if you are going to put it aside for long time.

DO add warm water and pump water out for a few times before each refill, regular clean will help to extend its working life.

DO NOT immerse the dispenser in water or rinse it, or it will short circuit.

DO NOT tilt the tank when installing or replacing hand soap.

DO NOT use hand soap or other soap that contains solid particles.

DO NOT invert the dispenser.

DO NOT block the foam outlet with your hand.

DO NOT add liquid/gel soap into the right foam soap reservoir, it won’t foam and may block the pipe.


1. It doesn't foam, I could see indicator light up and hear the working sound, but no foam, what could I do?

----Please check soap outlet and tube, make sure nothing clog them. Then fill the soap reservoir with water and wave hand to get water out. It will test soap passage and also help to clean the passage. If it doesn't work, please contact the seller.

2. When I move hand to sensor area, the indicator get red and won't foam.

----Please clean the sensor, restart the dispenser and try it again. Contact seller if it doesn't work.

3. I press power button but it doesn't turn on! No indicator light up!

----Please charge it for 2 hours before first use or when it doesn't turn on. If it still does not work after full charge, please contact seller for help.

4. I lost pipe/ The soap reservoir got broke/.... Please feel free to contact seller.

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