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Magical Dust Cleaning Sponges Pva Sponge Damp Clean Duster

Magical Dust Cleaning Sponges Pva Sponge Damp Clean Duster

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★Material: The washing sponge is made of imported PVA special technology, and its tensile strength is far superior to ordinary sponges and any towel. It is resistant to surface and side effects, and is dried in hard blocks to prevent invasion and reproduction. Easy to remove dust, debris, hair, and stains.

★Strong water absorption: The dense water absorption pores can absorb a large amount of water, resulting in strong water absorption. After fully soaking the sponge cloth, it will become softer and have better cleaning power.

★Multiple uses: suitable for cleaning kitchens, blinds, cars, railings, bedside tables, window rail slots, faucets, and bathrooms. They can also effectively clean glass and stainless steel surfaces without leaving water stains or watermarks.

★Reusable cleaning sponge: High density sponge needs to be soaked and softened before each use, and can be reused after cleaning and drying.

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