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MEXI Mini Portable Electric Traveling Iron For Clothes Dry US Plug

MEXI Mini Portable Electric Traveling Iron For Clothes Dry US Plug

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MEXI Mini Portable Electric Traveling Steam Iron For Clothes Dry US Plug


  • Lower top temperature of 145 degrees, make the clothes in the process of ironing heated more evenly, ironing effect is better

  • Avoid direct contact with clothing, effective protect clothing, more comfortable ironing

  • Automatic constant temperature, work under temperature of 145 degrees, adjustable accuracy

  • It may be appropriate to adjust the temperature according to different fabrics

  • Horizontal/vertical two types of iron

  • Power supply and the electric iron body use separation design, still can use 5-10 minutes after separation

  • Special electrostatic dust lens face processing, the bright lasting, deformation does not fade, resistant to water and oil resistance

  • Small volume, neckline cuffs no dead angle, to wear, easy to carry

  • Extra lightweight and portable, the Travel Steamer is perfect for removing wrinkles from your clothes when traveling on business or vacation

  • Fits easily in your suitcase or garment bag

  • This Travel Steamer is the perfect companion if you're on the go

  • Works on shirts, slacks, skirts and suits

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mini Traveling Electric Iron

  • 1 x US Plug Adapter



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