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Car Air Purifier Ionizer Dual USB Type C Fast Charger Oxygen Bar

Car Air Purifier Ionizer Dual USB Type C Fast Charger Oxygen Bar

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New Car Air Purifier 12V Dual USB+Type C Port Fast Charger Anion Lonic

Purifiers Oxygen Bar Ionizer Freshener Vehicle Accessory


Type: Car negative ions air purifier & USB charger

Material: ABS + PC (V0 fire proof grade)

Quantity: 1pc

Color: Black/White

Input Voltage: DC 12-24V

Output: DC 5V 2.1A / 1A

Negative Ion Concentration: 3,000,000 pcs/ cm/3

Ozone Concentration: <0.2ppm


1.Smoke prevention and dust control : Floating in the air negative ions and negatively charged electrode and positively charged smoke dust, make its natural sedimentation.

2. Make oxygen: Negative oxygen ion can effectively activate oxygen molecules in the air, make it more active and more likely to be absorbed by human body, effectively prevent "air-condition disease".

3. Bactericidal function: Anion generator to generate a large number of negative ions will produce trace amounts of ozone at the same time, the joining together of two more adsorption viruses, bacteria, make its produce structural changes or energy transfer, resulting in death. Dust sterilization, reduce second-hand smoke is more effective, visible environmental health.


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