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Pet Bath Brush Gloves

Pet Bath Brush Gloves

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product description:

1/Name: Bathing Silicone Brush
2/Material: environmentally friendly silicone
3/Single product weight: 104 grams
4/Color: yellow/pink/bule
5/Size: 88*80*57MM Capacity: 80mL
6/Suit: Dog,Cat,Kid

1/Intimate portable hanging storage does not take up space for easy storage
2/Easy filling, small and exquisite, simple to operate, easy to carry
3/ Sealed and anti-backflow design is placed without leakage
4/ Distributed shower gel, silicone soft and dense bristles, smooth and not scratching

1/ Please avoid prolonged exposure to the sun;
2/ Too watery shower gel may flow out of the liquid outlet, please be aware;
3/ After receiving the product, please clean it with clean water first, and sterilize it in boiling water for five minutes;
4/Silicone products should not be close to high temperature fire sources, so as to prevent the products from being damaged by heat and      melting;
5/ This product is suitable for holding shower gel, please do not use it for holding chemical corrosive liquids;
6/ New silicone products will have a little odor, which is a normal phenomenon and can be soaked in hot water to reduce the odor;

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