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Sesame Oil Mosquito Repellent Stick

Sesame Oil Mosquito Repellent Stick

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Sesame Oil Mosquito Repellent Soft And Smooth Suitable Age 2 Years Old And Above Insect Repellents Soothing Stick Plant Formula


Applicable to the crowd: women, men

Suitable age: 2 years old and above

Gross weight: single 40 grams

Efficacy: mosquito repellent


1. Shuang shikao Cream Shuang Shuang Shuang Shuang Mosquito Ding Qing Chian Shuang Shuang Skin, Shikao Ding Ding Stick Shine Skin Itching

2. Specializing in the of arnesia chinensis, a touch of mosquito bites to reduce pain and itching, mosquito bites, red and itchy skin pain

3. Multi-extract components are soft, smooth and smooth, menthol, rosemary, shikukao extract, tea tree oil, tocopherol

4. It is convenient and hygienic to screw and apply. Where it ticks and itches, screw and apply it directly. There is no need to pick it up by hand, so as to avoid secondary pollution and sticky hands.

Package Included:

1 * Shikao Cream

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