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YOUPIN Microhoo Mini Air Conditioner Fan

YOUPIN Microhoo Mini Air Conditioner Fan

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YOUPIN Microhoo Mini Air Conditioner Fan Personal Portable USB Air Cooler Ventilator Bladeless Fan Conditioning For Home

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Mini Air Conditioner Water Cooling Fan



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- 3 in 1 multifunction design:COOLS , PURIFIES and HUMIDIFIES. Refresh, humidify for a better air, the design of refrigeration takes you away from the hot summer, enjoy your refreshing summer.

- Design of touch screen buttons, more fashionable and convenient.

- Automatic Timing: Automatic timings, you can choose the most appropriate to enjoy your free time, sleep or work.

- Humidification and Cooling Wind.It has a large 1000ml water tank, drops its favorite essential oil in the water, the misty air comes out to increase the humidity of the air, purifies the air and keeps the moisture of the skin. If you add some ice along with the water, you will feel more cool and cool wind coming out.

- Low energy consumption, like the energy consumption of a light bulb, does not use freon, it is much cheaper than using a freon air conditioner on hot summer days. There are no exposed blades, there is no possibility of harming people and they are totally safe for children or pets to use.

- Mini size personal fans, very easy to lift and move, are perfect for being alone at your office desk, dining table, next to the sofa, in your bedroom, with your adorable pets or anywhere a little cooler.

Package Includes:

1 x Microhoo Mini Air Conditioner Water Cooling Fan

Microhoo Personal Mini Air Conditioner Fan
Cooling and humidifying
Powerful cooling, stepless speed regulation, energy saving and noise reduction
1000ml large water tank
Type-C interface
Multiple power supply methods
This is a new way of cooling
The summer weather is hot, and long term use of air conditioners can cause dry skin and waste electricity.
With the mini air conditioner, all these problems will be solved. Tookfun
Turn it on, the temperature decreases, the skin is moisturized, and full of happiness is improved.
SteplessSpeed Regulation
99 kinds of wind speed stepless speed regulation,
with unique natural wind, user-friendly speed regulation.
natural wind. Sleep wind. timing.
Fast cooling, stylish and beautiful
Quick cooling, blowing cool wind, adding ice cubes, can minimize the temperature in a short time.
The design is simple, stylish and beautiful.
Environmental protection, energy saving and low consumption
The maximum power is 6W, it can be used for 6 hours per day,
and it can be used for 28 days in one kilowatt.
1000ml large capacity water tank
Two ways of adding water.
The cooling capacity is more durable.
Disassemble the water tank, it is more labor saving to inject water.
It is more convenient to fill water with a water cup.
Disassemble the water tank and fill the water directly.
It is more convenient to add water with a cup.
Upgrade Refrigeration
Put the water tank into the refrigerator to cool it more coolly. Tookfun
The extra large water inlet, open the lid and directly put ice cubes, the cooling effect is doubled.
Touch screen adjustment
Multiple functions can be converted at will.
The three functions of natural wind, timer and sleep mode can be switched at will.
Turn on the sleep mode at night, automatically adjust the wind speed and operate with low noise.
Type-C interface
Multiple power supply methods.
Unique Type-C interface, stable power supply, support most Android mobile phone data cables. Tookfun
There are also a variety of power supply methods, such as sockets,computers, and power banks,
which can be used anytime, anywhere.
Product Details
Water tank fixed buckle. The water tank is fixed and water will not flow out.
Fully closed. Wind direction Freely, more dustproof.
Visualization window. The touch screen can adjust the wind speed, and the natural wind,
sleep wind and timing function can be adjusted arbitrarily.
Thick wet curtain, cool and environmentally friendly without odor.
Unique honeycomb corrugated wood pulp paper wet curtain.
Odorless. The service life is longer and the cooling effect is more obvious.

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