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40G/H High End Ozone Generator Tube - Water Cooling

40G/H High End Ozone Generator Tube - Water Cooling

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High-end 40G air cooling + water cooling narrow gap discharge quartz ozone tube

Patented product,high ozone concentration,smaller size,air cooling + water cooling,inner and outer electrodes are 316L stainless steel,lower temperature rise,high efficiency,longer service life.

High-end 40G air cooling + water cooling narrow gap discharge quartz ozone tube:
Ozone output: 30-40G/H
Maximum power: 300W
Optimal power: 270W
Air flow: ≤80L/min
Oxygen flow: ≤15L/min
Ozone PSU: we recommend that you use an ozone PSU with a maximum power of 400W
Frequency: ≤25khz
Input voltage: 4.0-5.0kv
Gas source temperature: ≤35℃
Gas pressure: ≤100kpa (1bar/0.1mpa)
Cooling water temperature: ≤35℃
Water pressure: ≤300kpa (3bar/0.3mpa)
Water flow: ≥500L/h
Ambient temperature: -10~45℃
Optimal ambient temperature: 1-20℃
Ambient humidity: ≤85%RH
Gas source: Air source,oxygen source
Flange: PTFE+316L stainless steel
Shell: 304 stainless steel
External electrode: 316L stainless steel
Dielectric material: high-purity quartz glass tube
Inner electrode: 316L stainless steel
Discharge gap: 0.5mm
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