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Inflatable Swimming Pool Solar Heater

Inflatable Swimming Pool Solar Heater

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If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool, you might want to have a look at a swimming pool solar heater. Solar swimming pool heaters are also a great way to lower your energy bills, and they should pay for themselves in less than two years.


These solar swimming pool heaters function in basically the same way as solar pool heating panels which are normally attached to a roof, expect that these smaller heaters are much cheaper and easier to install. These smaller solar pool heaters also have another advantage in that their coil design allows them to take up much less space and they can be placed directly next to an above ground or in ground pool.



solar pool heaters are the most popular line of above ground coiled pool heaters on the market. 

 it's a small and cheap product


The solar heater can heat a swimming pool up to eighteen feet, and can fairly quickly raise your pool's temperature by around ten degrees Fahrenheit. 


This solar heater is also very small and portable, and is less than three feet by three feet and only weighs around twenty pounds. This means that you can place it anywhere near your above ground pool that has sufficient sunlight, and it is no problem should you need to move it for any reason. 


The small size also makes it easy to store alongside the rest of your pool supplies when and if you finally have to drain and put away the pool due to winter. 



The panel itself can be installed either on the roof, directly on the ground, or you can purchase the optional mounting rack to install it anywhere else in your yard. You should be able to buy the entire system for around $240, which makes it a bargain, and considering the high price of pool heating costs, it should pay for itself very quickly.


while these heaters may not raise your pool's temperature as quickly as heating panels, they are still a great way to cheaply heat your pool and they can still lead to a 5 to 10 degree rise in temperature in a week. Another advantage is that you can install as many of these heaters as you need due to the fact that they can be easily be connected together to form a chain. 

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