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Portable Folding Fan 6000mAh USB Remote Control Air Cooler Silent Rechargeable Wireless Floor Standing Fan Outdoor Home

Portable Folding Fan 6000mAh USB Remote Control Air Cooler Silent Rechargeable Wireless Floor Standing Fan Outdoor Home

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Product Function Introduction:

1) Multi functional 8-inch large-sized powerful circulating fan, extendable/shaking head/foldable/with remote control/timed

2) 8-inch circulating large fan blades, strong wind power, three speed wind power can be switched (large/medium/small)

3) Timer function, 1 gear, 4 hour timer

4) Shake head function: Shake the head at the bottom, rotate left and right 90 degrees, and the structure is stable and firm.

5) Upgraded all copper brushless motor and circulating fan blades, super quiet, strong wind, softer and quieter wind, long service life

6) Simplicity, grandeur, new ABS material and brushless all copper motor

7) The front panel is detachable for easy cleaning

8) It can be used for both plug-in and battery configuration, and can be equipped with a large capacity rechargeable lithium battery (up to 15000mAh). The capacity size can be customized according to requirements, which is efficient, energy-saving, and long-lasting.

9) TYPE-C USB charging port, convenient and fast for charging.

10) Equipped with infrared remote control function, the infrared remote control distance is about 8M away, and the angle of the infrared is 60 degrees, 30 degrees to the left and 30 degrees to the right.

The maximum height after stretching is 92CM,

Product packaging details

Fan host * 1/

Remote control * 1

Instruction manual * 1

TYPE-C USB power cord * 1

Instructions for use

Operating instructions:

3 wind speeds, press 1 to 1 (gentle wind), press 2 to 2 (moderate wind), press 3 to 3 (strong wind), press 4 to close or long press to close

Power on reminder:

Turn on the power indicator light, the first light will turn red, the blue light will turn on during operation, and when equipped with a battery, the fully charged light will turn off.

Shake the head button, press once to open, then press once again to close

Timer function:

Timing can only be operated using the remote control. Press the "timing button" on the remote control, and the indicator light on the shaking head button will light up green. There is only one timing gear, which is fixed for 4 hours and can be turned on or off.

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