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Reliever Bites - Insect Mosquito Bite Relief Cream

Reliever Bites - Insect Mosquito Bite Relief Cream

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Reliever Bites Help New Bug And Child Bite Insect Adult Mosquito Against Irritation Itching Neutralize Relieve Stings


Product name: mosquito itching device

Product category: antipruritic instrument

Charging capacity: 200mAh

Product material: ABS

Product color: pink, white

Charging input: 5V = 1A

Rated power: 2W

Applicable crowd: people over 4 years old

Type/use: mosquito itching


1. Physical itching, treasure mother more at ease, refuse drug allergy and chemical residue, physical itching more at ease

2. Safe and reusable, non-toxic, harmless, safe and worry-free, one-time purchase and reuse, more cost-effective

3. Easy to use, quickly relieve the itching and irritation of mosquito bites no longer itching!

3. Heat pulse technique, providing heat and vibration to the affected area, increasing local blood flow and circulation to soothe itching.

4. Non-toxic chemicals, mild to skin, safe for adults and children over 4 years old.

5. Small and exquisite, easy and convenient to carry, multi-scene use, the warmth into the bag convenient travel

6. Android socket is suitable for a variety of charging methods. The charging cable is suitable for charging treasure, computer, adapter, interface socket and other charging methods. It can be filled in 30 minutes, which is flexible and convenient.

Package Included:

1 * Mosquito repellent

1 * Charging line

1 * Lanyard

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