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Toothbrush Head Compatible with Oral b Braun Electric Toothbrush Precision Replacement Brush Heads for Pro Smart Genius, Effici

Toothbrush Head Compatible with Oral b Braun Electric Toothbrush Precision Replacement Brush Heads for Pro Smart Genius, Effici

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  • ☆ Wide compatibility: Our Toothbrush Head is compatible with all Oral B and Braun Toothbrushes except Oral-B Pulsonic and IO. They are compatible with Oral-B ProfessionalCare Series, Oral-B Triumph Series, Oral-B TriZone Series, Oral-B Advance Power Series, Oral B Vitality Precision Clean, Oral B Vitality Sensitive, Oral B Vitality White + Clean, Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean.

  • ☆ Precision cleaning: Efficient Clean Brush Heads are designed to offer an optimal clean for oral health. The blue bristles protruding from the upper and lower parts can go deep to remove plaque in hard-to-reach areas, the green bristles in the middle part can easily remove the stains on the tooth surface, the cleaning efficiency improved by 3 times VS ordinary toothbrush.

  • ☆ High quality bristles: Our bristles are made from American DuPont bristles, which are the highest quality in the industry, with better elasticity and toughness, not easy to deform and more durable. To provide you with a gentle, effective, and comfortable brushing experience.

  • ☆ Safe and reliable: Our brush heads adopt the latest bristle implantation technology, and each cluster of bristles is fixed with metal copper sheets, which not only makes the bristles denser (2x more bristles than traditional toothbrushes) but also better prevents them from falling off, resulting in better cleaning performance and durability.

  • ☆ Gentle and comfortable: The tips of the bristles are rounded several times to ensure that each bristle is gentle on the gums, while cleaning the teeth, it can also protect the gums and enamel from damage. These end-rounded toothbrush heads are a solid choice for gentle, gum-healthy, and effective brushing.

  • ☆ Identification mark: The bottom of the Qitizu brush head has different colored rings for easy identification. You don't need to worry about taking the wrong brush head, providing you with a hygienic brushing experience. Very suitable for home use.

  • ☆ Durable and reminder bristles: Due to DuPont bristles, the brush head is more durable. Each brush head has indicator bristles, and when the blue bristles turn white, you need to replace your toothbrush head. Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3months.

Our Toothbrush Head Compatible with all Oral b Electric Toothbrush Except for Oral b Pulsonic and IO.

  • Compatible with Oral b Pro(All Models)1 600 650 670 680 750 Pro2 2000 2500 2000S 2900 2950N, Pro 3 3000 3500 3900 3900N

  • Compatible with Pro(All Models) 570 700 1500 1780 2700 5000

  • Compatible with Pro limited Pro health Pro expert Pro Advantage(All Models)

  • Compatible with Smart(All Models) 1 1500 4 4000 4000N 4000W/4900N/5 5000/6 6000 6000N/6500/7 7000N SMART CLEAN 360

  • Compatible with Vitality100/3D White/Plus/Cross Vitality pro x clean(All Models)

  • Compatible with Genius X(All Models) 7000 7500 8000 8500N 8900/9000 9900 10000 10000N 10100S /20000 20000N 20900 /4 4000W

  • Compatible with Genius Limited Edition Aquacare 6 Pro Expert(All Models)

  • Compatible with Oral b Teen series(All Models)

  • Compatible with Oral b Junior series(All Models)

  • Compatible with Oral b kids series(All Models)

  • Compatible with Oral B Advance Power 100 400(All Models)


1. These toothbrush heads do not fit Oral-B Sonic and Pulsonic models. 2. These toothbrush heads are made by Banavos, not by Oral-B.

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